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Summary of the blood and tears of small program practitioners:  

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In nature, rhinos and rhino-birds are Phone Number List well-known cases of "mutually beneficial symbiosis", and in the Internet, mini programs and developers have also formed a similar mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. This article will talk about how to embrace the mini-program platform ecosystem from the perspective of mini-program developers.


In nature, there is a relationship called " Phone Number List mutually beneficial symbiosis ", which means that two organisms live together and benefit each other. After the two are separated, their lives will be greatly affected, and they may even die. 01 Rhino and Rhino Bird A prime example is the rhinoceros and rhino-bird.


Rhinoceros is a large odd-hoofed animal Phone Number List with clumsy movements and poor eyesight. There are often many parasitic worms in the thick skin folds, which are itchy and painful. The rhinoceros bird has a pointed beak and feeds on these small insects on the back of the rhino all the year round, alleviating the pain of the rhinoceros.



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